January 1, 2022

I made it.

The past two years did not go as planned. When I decided to return to Costa Rica in April of 2019 to live out my life in Samara I felt I was in good health. Alas, cancer, that thing that grows in you unannounced, had taken hold.

Now after two years of dancing with the two big C’s, Cancer and Covid, I am back in Samara. I have returned to the Finca Taranta in the Casa Mariposa, a most lovely place to spend my remaining days.

Many thanks to all my friends Randy and Tina in Nashville, and Chris and Theresa in Lafayette, for their assistance in navigating those shoals.

And to Dr. Freddy in Samara, to Dr. Gray in Franklin, TN, and to all the medical experts in Costa Rica and at the Provison Cares facility and the Vanderbilt Health and CU Health organizations my deepest thanks.

I expect to be here for quite a long time now.

Author: RJMS

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