About This Site


This was to be a simple collection of photo galleries. Now it has become a place for me to report recent events in my life. I am finding I enjoy the leisurely pace of writing. So I will keep it up for a while. I have also only just begun to sift thru all my photos.  As I find more in the archives, and acquire new ones while I travel thru Central America over the next few years, I will be adding more galleries and adding to existing ones.

Most of the images posted so far were taken while I was on trips around the U.S. on my various motorcycles during the summers of 1999 thru 2011. A few are from camping or other earlier trips, and some were taken around the various places I have called “home”, whether here in Colorado or in Seattle, where I lived for a short while, and a few of places in Michigan, where I grew up.

The more recent ones have been shot with digital cameras, my first one was an Olympus, a 1 megapixel point and shoot that set me back $1000 in December 1999, and I have very few pictures from that one still in my files. I have a few photos (including all the Costa Rica ones) that were shot with a Nikon E990, a very early point and shoot that took wonderful pictures and was easy to carry on a motorcycle.  Until I got my Canon 40D in 2008 I shot with a Nikon FG (purchased in 1983) and a Canon AE2 (purchased in 1995) and I used Kodak or Fuji slide films, and a few on Kodak TriX (a black/white print film). I went all digital with a Canon 40D in the summer of 2008. I also have a Canon 5MP point and shoot that takes pretty good images, some of which will be in these galleries.

The title of the site refers to my favorite type of motorcycle road, the ones I am constantly in search of. If they are paved, nominally two lanes wide, and with no lane markings they tend to be perfect for me because they are always the road less traveled. In the over 150,000 miles I have logged around this country while on a motorcycle I have found exactly 3 that truly met all the qualifications. The picture included at the top of this post is the only one of the 3 that I have a good photo of, because sometimes I am having so much fun and laughing so hard I do not even think about stopping and taking a picture.

Bob Shannon, Nederland CO