“The wrinkles of the brain are smoothed out at the edge of a body of water.”  —  Kurt Vonnegut

I have been enjoying writing these posts.  I have been thinking for some time that I would like to write a bit of fiction and perhaps some commentary pieces. I have a list of ideas that I continue to add to,  but after the report/story I wrote for my friend Bart in payment for the sailboat trip last year I have not done much with them.

A few weeks ago a new website ( ) devoted to the writings of men and women who are primarily musicians, songwriters, and performers was brought online.

The woman whose idea it was, Lori Carson (, posted a ‘writing prompt’ on the groups FB page. The first paragraph of my first fiction short story is that prompt from her. It is an except from her new book, not yet published, and she had put it in a post on her blog. When I first saw it there last August I copied it to my computer because I loved it so much that I wished to be able to read it again. In these days of travel, I do not always have or know when I will have access to Wi-Fi, so I keep internet things I like close at hand in other ways.

So, it gave me the impetus to write this first fiction story, “Am I Dreaming?”, which may get longer, as I am quite fond of it.

I do not know how much time I will devote to this new writing activity, perhaps a few hours a week.  That’s the thing about this retirement lifestyle, it is always subject to whatever whim comes along.