The Book of Lovers

FullMoon 5am

“There are three things one should never count: years, glasses of wine, and lovers. ”   —  old Italian saying

This section will be a reminiscence of women who were very important to me at one time or another. I wish to simply reflect on the good things they each brought to my life. I was not always aware of it at the time, yet I know each of them left something lasting in me.

Reflecting back now, I believe there were a few of them with whom I could have built a life together. Certainly things would have been very different had I done so. It is not possible to say it would have been a better life, though in some regards certainly so. It would be more accurate to say it would have been different. I take some pleasure now in speculation, not regretably, but only as an amusing pastime. I do enjoy the memories it invokes, and I hope you will find these musings somewhat to your liking.