The Beach and The Adoquin

Saturday July 13th

i spent the afternoon at Manzanilla beach, probably for the last time this visit. It is hard to explain how relaxing such an activity can be. I swam, I read a book, I drank a Corona (strangely, only my 3rd beer since I arrived here a month ago). Then I swam again, and about 5pm I ordered dinner to go with my mojito.  Filete con Mariscos: dorado (probably), a couple of  small whole crabs, shrimp with heads intact, tomato, onion, pepper, and some mystery meat that looked and tasted like little hot dogs, all mixed together and cooked over the mequite grill in foil. I need to start asking questions before I order. The guacamole was perfect.

It being Saturday the beach was filled with families. The kids were playing in the gentle surf trying to catch a wave as it broke 2 meters from shore. The parent’s were hanging out under the umbrella’s in the  restuarant just relaxing and talking quietly.  Very few people sunbathe here, only the occasional gringo or European visitor. There were a lot of walking vendor’s selling their wares. I looked at a few things but I did not buy because:

This evening I will go find the ice cream vendor and then finally stroll the entire Adoquin with the intention of stopping at every vendor, if only for a few seconds, to say hello, and give them a moment of hope. Why not? It is an easy enough thing to do. I will take only some of the pesos I have left, to make sure I do not spend it all, for I surely otherwise would.

Author: RJMS

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