Sunday June 16  12pm to 9pm

A short taxi ride from the airport gets me to the house. I shared the ride with Doris, who was also on the plane and who I had seen waiting at the gate in Mexico City. She almost didn’t make it because she missed the first boarding call. She is a young woman from Germany who is coming to work in an orphanage in town for 9 weeks. She was as excited as I was to have finally arrived.

Sheila Clarke was waiting. She is from Colorado via California. She arrived here in 1993 to begin a new career, having raised two daughters in a previous life. She now has her own English language school which is located on the bottom floor of her beautiful home, which like many homes in this immediate area, is built up rather then out.

She took me over and showed me how to operate La Casita. I have to say as she opened the door which leads to the front yard I was quite taken aback. I felt an overwhelming feeling of comfort as I stood there looking at the mini-arboretum she has created in the yard. Then when I stepped into the house and soon thereafter the patio and backyard, both of which I had been envisioning myself in for several weeks via the photos from her website, I was truly feeling like I was in a dream.

Afterwards she drove me around town in her car and showed me the main areas which I might later wish to explore, along with places I might need to visit, like the various beaches, and the bank. At the end she even took me into the local supermarket and helped me shop for groceries. What a wonderful introduction to the friendliness of Mexico.

After a small simple meal prepared in the open air kitchen I retired early, having been awake for about 39 hours straight.

Author: RJMS

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