On Tuesday

Another ordinary day: On Tuesday, while my house was being cleaned, I rode my bicycle on the dirt road 4 km to town. I picked up my pre-ordered fresh produce at the organics market and then went across the road to “Gusto Beach” restaurant for breakfast on the beach. I read my Kindle, noticed as 2 young women did yoga a few steps away, and stared at the waves and the surfers and beach walkers, including the horse back riders. I watched the older man with the little fishing boat, waiting as he does every day, for a customer to come along. I wondered how much he would charge to take me out of sight of land for a while. On the way home I stopped at Las Palmeras #1 and visited for a few minutes with Cathy and Dan. Arriving home, I made my week’s supply of kale salad. In the afternoon I organized my colored pencils and my collection of finished pictures, then chose another one that I will begin tomorrow. I made some soup around 3, and read for a while. As the evening came on I watched the latest episode of Ted Lasso, then read for a while more, with Shawn Phillips’ for my choice of music. Lights out and asleep by 9:30.

Author: RJMS

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