She Called Me Chucky

“Moonset/The Lovers” February 2014 Casa Ana, Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico

She called me Chucky

But it was a soft Ch 

Like this, Shucky

I don’t remember why

My name is Robert

Friends called me Bob

Until I moved away and 

Preferred “Robert”

She was my first love

She gave me a book of poems

For my birthday, in 1970, August

In October she sent me a letter

From college

Expecting to see me on the weekend

It never happened, and then she was gone

I never knew why

2 weeks later I saw her with a friend

Patrick, recently discharged

Who can ever know the heart of a young woman

I saw her once a year later

At Kelly’s Bar on Kelly road

I was back in town 

After some travels

It was a surprise meeting 

And lasted only minutes

I still have the book, and the letter, 

It is 2021, and this picture, like many things

Reminds me of her

She was my first


Author: RJMS

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