She Called Me Chucky

October 1970

She called me Chucky

But it was a soft Ch 

Like this, Shucky

I don’t remember why

My name is Robert

Friends called me Bob

Until I moved away and 

Preferred “Robert”

She was my first love

She gave me a book of poems

For my birthday, in 1970, August

In October she sent me a letter

From college

Expecting to see me on the weekend

It never happened, and then she was gone

I never knew why

2 weeks later I saw her with a friend

Patrick, recently discharged

Who can ever know the heart of a young woman

I saw her once a year later

At Kelly’s Bar on Kelly road

I was back in town 

After some travels

It was a surprise meeting 

And lasted only minutes

I still have the book, and the letter, 

and this picture,

also in the envelope

It is 2021, and of late

I have found myself often

Reminded of her

She was my first


Author: RJMS

2 thoughts on “She Called Me Chucky

    1. Hmm. I think Robert is for those whom I have met since landing in Costa Rica, where the Spanish for Bob does not exactly roll off my lips. Bob is fine for old friends from the previous life, it would seem odd to me for you to call me Robert….:).

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