I have always liked the word; “done”. In my prior life, putting together all the myriad tasks required to put on a show at the University: in the planning stages, the design process, creating the light plot, writing the cue sheets, load-ins, crew training, running the tech and dress rehearsals, I used it a lot. For many other things as well. A cross-country motorcycle trip, a tour date. It always felt good to say, either out loud or only in my head, the tiny word “done”. It contains so much.

I said it on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021, as I exited the building at Provision Cares. 39 shots of proton beam radiation and that operation is “done”. However, as everyone knows, and the radiologist confirmed, once you have had Stage 3 cancer you are not really “done”. For whatever time remains for me in this universe I need to take care of myself like never before, lest it return. Old age is not for sissies.

Certainly that is my plan. There may be more events at which I use the word, but I suspect not so much anymore. “Done”.

Author: RJMS

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