I went up to Catarina with photographer Margie Politzer yesterday, Jan. 1st, for the Catarina/Laguna de Apoyo/San Silvestre Celebration:

The second of Catarina’s Saint feast-day’s takes place in December in Pope St. Sylvester’s honour and it starts the 25th December till the 1st January of the following year. During the St. Sylvester holy days, on account of a very old tradition, people masquerade in order to render ridiculous the evils and ills of the world. A Mass is held in the church at noon. During 3 hours of revelry from approx 2-5pm, the streets are filled with buskers and others dressed up and acting out various different scenes, dramatic, comedic, and sometimes just dancing like crazy, or miming the music that is being provided by sound systems being driven thru the streets with portable sound systems in the trucks. Horses of course, and a pair of oxen pulling a cart (watch your step!). All of this is anchored by the main float containing a statue of the Saint with 2 real children at his sides. disclaimer: cell phone photos, again.

Author: RJMS

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