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— KB and I were lovers, off and on, for a trio of years, in Boulder, CO in the late-70’s. She was an actress who had a day job at Ball Aerospace, and I was discovering my new career as a light designer and stage technician in the performing arts field.  We shared a tiny house for one of those years. She was allergic  to cats and I had one. She was quite a trooper about it. When we had to move out because it was going to be torn down and an apartment complex take it’s place we went our separate ways.

I to live in the mountains, a 30 minute drive west of town, and 3000 feet higher.  She took a 2nd floor flat in a house on Spruce street, between 7th and 8th, and later a new job at the Denver Center For The Performing Arts, a new facility that was just about to open it’s doors in Denver. She spent her entire career there, advancing to being the Managing Director of the Denver Center Theatre Company and I stumbled into a job next door as the part-time Production Manager and Light Designer for the Colorado Ballet. Interesting times.

But in 1977 it was spring, one of those springs that you feel to the bottom of your bones, a lustful, mating time spring. We would take naps in her bedroom, with it’s windows facing south, the sun pouring in, all thick and full of itself. We were happy then.

This new place in Granada reminds me of her, and that room. In addition, down here in Nicaragua it seems like eternal spring.

Author: RJMS

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