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Thursday July 11th

5 days left. I have been quite the hermit lately, it is so easy to just hang out at this beautiful cliffside dwelling and read, but now it’s time to get out and about a bit before I leave.  So last evening I went out with Judy and Craig who are from the Bay area. We went to Danny’s Place, one of the many little restaurants situated on the waterfront at Playa Principal, and one of their favorites.

Craig is a Vietnam Vet who ran his own construction business, his partner Judy just retired from 30 years as a surgical assistant. They have been coming to Mexico for a month or so every year for 20 years, and have finally moved here as of 9 months ago. They have many of the same reasons for wanting to move south as I do, and last night we ate and drank margaritas (Judy and I did, Craig does not drink alcohol) and found out just how many other things we have in common. The list was long.

I invited them to dinner with the stipulation that I wanted to be able to ask many questions, the answers to which would influence my coming decision.  They were extremely gracious and said yes, and in fact volunteered more then I ever would have hoped for. They know this place. They are open and kind and generous.  Like most of the locals, which is one of the big reasons they came here.

During dinner many walking vendors approached  our table to show us their goods. Two young girls with baskets full of beautiful bracelets and necklaces were the lucky ones, as I spent some pesos on gifts for my friends back home. Judy and Craig told me the lady’s with the beautiful clothes on who were selling baskets were from the neighboring state of Chiapas and that you can always tell them apart from the locals that way. One of the things you are most aware of down here is color. It is everywhere, and it is stunning how well the crafts people use it and how good they are at making beautiful combinations of the many they have to work with.

When we were done with dinner we walked up to the Adoquin, where the vendors were setting out their wares for the evening market that happens each night. They treated me to the absolute best frozen dessert I have ever had. It is like a sorbet, but not exactly a sorbet. Really good. I didn’t get the name of it down, but I will.

Today I walked out to the other beaches on the east side of the town, Marinero (the swimming beach) and Zicatela (the surfing beach). They are traditional white sand beaches with gently sloping bottoms, hence the waves that make Zicatela a Pro Surfing location. There is a Mexican National Champion Pro Surfer contest in town tomorrow so I expected to see some surfers in the water, but no. Perhaps they are resting up instead of practicing. Is that how it works with them?

I have been careful about not getting too much sun at one time but today the 3 hour walk out and back made my beginning-to-brown parts a bit reddish. I will have be careful and cover up tomorrow when I go out and (hopefully) swim with the dolphins.

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