In Town?

Monday July 1

Two weeks to go

I met with Pat Courtney yesterday. She is a realtor in town who has 20 or so properties in the rental market. She and her husband are surfers who looked to be in their late 40’s or early 50’s who moved here from New Jersey via San Diego via Salida, Mexico about 20 years ago. Like me they moved here for the year round warm water temperatures.

She showed me a 1st floor apartment in the north end of town. The building is owned by Tim, a diver who moved here 30 years ago and lives on the second floor. The building has five units total and is very nice, with a good sized pool and a great location in the Riconanda area close to the Blvd. Benito Jaurez with several blocks of restuarants and shops and which is known as an ex-pat hangout. The rent is very reasonable at 8000 pesos per month.

If I were to decide to stay in town for my first year it would be a good choice for  all those reasons. However when I stood in the living room, or on the veranda, or in the bedroom and pictured myself in any of those places it was not a good fit. The combination of so many years living in the woods with the great outdoors available out the front door, along with this magnificent house overlooking the ocean I am currently in, makes it hard for me to think about going into such a tightly closed environment. I fear that I would not like the darkness of it. And the ocean, at a five minute walk, is too far away. I would hear my neighbors talking instead of waves and bird calls.

I guess staying “in town” for me is more like the Mazunte house, where I could choose to go into the village or not.

Pat has some other properties that might work better for me, I will see them on Thursday. In the meantime I took another look at Panama.

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