Tomato or Tomate?

Wednesday June 26

Glad that’s over.

I woke up on Monday in a funk. Being in paradise it was pretty much unexpected. Probably had something to do with the overcast, somewhat rainy weather of the weekend. And/or the full moon.  It lasted all day, and was still a bit in evidence on Tuesday morning. Then it slowly melted away and by the time I got it together to go to the store for more groceries midday it was gone.

It was nice that I had the time to think on it and to realize it was just a passing grump. I really am liking the slow pace of things here. When I go out for a walk to the beach or the Andoquin I start down the hill at a brisk pace as is my wont.  A few steps into it I realize I don’t have to hurry. No one is expecting me. I slow down to a meandering kind of pace. What a nice feeling.

So it turns out there are buses as well as taxis. For 5 pesos you can ride them all day, though you will not want to. The 2 routes I have found so far go to similar places. I took both on their entire loop to do some sight seeing. It was maybe 20 minutes for each route. One stops at the bottom of the driveway here at La Casita. They both go to the far north of town past both the Super Che and the Mercado. The drivers are good, with the agility of a taxi driver on the busy streets. The music pouring out of their boom boxes is however way too loud.

At the end of the day yesterday I went to the restaurant at the swimming beach again for dinner. I blindly chose something from the menu, filete de diablo. Fish in a red salsa. duh.  The camarons de la veracruz I had the other day was also in a tomato based broth.  I need to get some more spanish vocabulary soon.

I stayed afterwards for a long while, reading until the sun went down, enjoying the waves and the company of the waiter, Godo. Then I made my way very slowly up the 100 stairs and 3 blocks to home.



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  1. we left the beach in LA just days ago and all I could think was “i want to move to the sea..” freaking daniel out but I think it’s pre–wedding (tenure) jitters. Marrying a shcool where I will be land-locked for life is daunting. But now there’s you and our 2nd home in mexico 🙂

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