Last year I was contacted by Michael Theodore, Associate Professor in the College of Music. He and I have done a number of things together over the years and we know each other fairly well. He told me had put together the museum installation that he had talked to me about some time ago, and wished for me to work with him on designing the lighting for the show, which it turned out was intended to be a very large component of it. So during the spring semester we met, he showed me where he and his wife Jane (who was his design partner throughout the process) had gotten to with his designs for both rooms. It was quite far along, and I got really excited. They basically needed me to consult on the type of light fixture to purchase, how to install them, and then eventually how best to program the slowing changing environment. It turned out that what he was proposing was exactly the kind of museum piece I had always wanted to work on. So done deal. “Field Theory” opened June 15th and ran for 5 weeks. We had a really good time with it.  Here are a few images that were taken as we were in the process of putting things together.  (I was assisted on the project by CU undergraduate Katherine Laursen who also created some of the looks in this room).

Here is a link to a video Michael shot after the show was open, and which allows you to hear the music and watch the movement that occurs with the changing light patterns:

Author: RJMS