I began riding in 1998. I was 48 years old.  A good friend of mine, who had been riding since he was teenager, came to my office a few days before the end of the spring semester. He said I should come outside. It was a beautiful sunny Colorado day, in the 70’s. The brown BMW in the first picture was sitting on the concrete on it’s center stand. I sat on it. It was a perfect fit, the distance to the grips and the ground perfectly matched to my arms and legs. I bought it the next day, never having ridden before in my life.

Now I have had 4 in the last 14 years, and I have ridden in every state of the lower 48 save 3. I bought a new BMW in March of 2002, and having put 92000 miles on her, traded her in on a Honda in June 2010.

Author: RJMS